World News Today – “A world upside down” … a mysterious grouping of “lost” rocks that baffles scientists … Pictures and video


World news today, world news today – “a world upside down” … a mysterious gathering of “lost” rocks that baffles scientists … Pictures and video of the source of the news – news agencies – Sputnik with details of the news, “a world turned upside down” … a mysterious gathering Of the “lost” rocks that baffle scientists .. Pictures and video:

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The small asteroid “Bemo” raises many questions about its history and its western nature. Most scientists assert that this asteroid, which is considered as a “remnant” of large planets, contains the basic building blocks of life, or was bustling with life earlier.

The “OSIRIS-Rex” spacecraft of the US Space Agency “NASA” will land on the asteroid “Bennu” on October 20, with the aim of collecting samples of space rocks and returning them to Earth for study by teams of scientists in the laboratory.

As part of the scientific and research preparations for this mission, six research papers have been published that examined the history of the near-Earth asteroid and its composition using data collected by the “OSIRIS-Rex” spacecraft, which has been orbiting the space rock since 2018.

One of those papers, provided by scientist Amy Simon from NASA, found evidence of the spread of organic and carbon-bearing materials on the surface of the asteroid “Benno”.

And scientists found these materials, according to the British newspaper “Daily Mail”, in the water channels that were passing through the rocks of the asteroid, which were formed due to the flow of hot water when it was in its large form (or a group of planets) before it was destroyed and turned into the small asteroid “Benno” .

According to published studies, this discovery is the first of its kind to confirm the existence of previous life on an asteroid close to Earth.

Scientists consider that these research and results add new credibility to research indicating that meteorites played a major role in transmitting life between planets and galaxies and carried on their surface the basic building blocks of life to Earth.

And these particles that were carried by these meteorites, ultimately led to all life on planet Earth, including humanity, according to studies.

Since 2018, the NASA spacecraft has been studying this planet, which is teeming with mysterious data, and many scientists are trying to understand this mysterious grouping of “lost” rocks in space, which was formed from orbital rocks.

Scientists indicate that this asteroid is a “upside down” world, which is the remnants of a group of planets responsible for the existence of water and life on the planet, according to the source.

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