World Health warns Egypt about Corona – one world – the Arabs


The Director of the Information Management Program in the Emergency Program at the WHO Regional Office, Dr. Pierre Nibbeth, warned of an increase in the number of new cases of the new Coronavirus “Covid-19” inside Egypt in the coming weeks.

“If we look at epidemics all over the world, we will notice that we see a second wave and the reappearance of cases in countries that were affected by the first wave in a month,” Nebeth added, during a press conference held by the World Health Organization’s Regional Office for the Eastern Mediterranean, regarding the developments of the Corona pandemic in the Eastern Mediterranean Region. April is like France, Germany and Italy. ”

He continued: “There is an increase in the number of cases, but the situation in the region differs from Europe, with the exception of Bahrain, Oman and Iran, and we have noticed that the epidemic was delayed in countries that have implemented strict measures such as Morocco and Jordan.”

He explained, according to Egyptian media outlets, that Egypt was the second country in the region affected by Corona, and the number of cases increased to reach a peak in late June, then cases decreased in early August to less than 200 cases per day.

“The trend in the region is to re-increase cases due to the return of travel, the lifting of lockdown measures, and the increase in social interaction, and by the low number, people think that the pandemic has ended; as a result, they do not take precautionary measures,” said Nepeth.

He pointed out that the climate component also has a role in increasing the number of HIV infections, adding: “There is a climatic element, as it is more likely, like respiratory diseases, to see an increase in the number of cases, and then it is more likely that we will notice an increase in cases in the coming weeks in Egypt.”



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