“World Health” pledges the elimination of Corona … an important step


و .قر Tedros That fatigue reigns in countries after months of combating the epidemic that has resulted in the death of more than 1.1 million people, but he called for the continuation of the battle the day after the announcement of the Chief of Staff White HouseMark Meadows, N. United State You will not be able to control Pandemic It focuses more on drugs and vaccines.

“When the officials act quickly, the virus can be eliminated,” he said.

Europe and Corona

In the context, officials at the World Health Organization said that Europe needs “serious intensification” of efforts to combat Corona Virus Novelty, but the organization remains optimistic that European countries You don’t need to impose a nationwide lockdown.

“We still hope that countries will not have to impose general isolation,” said the WHO Technical Director, Maria Van Kerkhove, when asked about the increasing number of injuries in Europe.

WHO’s emergencies expert Mike Ryan said: “Currently we are in a very late position to contain this virus Europe Therefore, in order for us to get a head start, it will require serious intensification of procedures.


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