Wolly Soyinka … a new novel after half a century


It seems that Woolley Soyinka (1934) has invested the period of closure imposed by the Corona virus well. The professor, who won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1986 and the Nigerian playwright and poet, is preparing to launch a new novel after 47 years of hiatus since the publication of his second book, Season of Anomy in 1973. .The new novel, titled Chronicles of the Happiest People on Earth, will be released in Nigeria at the end of this year. Bookcraft, which will publish the work, said it was a “strong narrative tour”, and confirmed that there are plans to launch the work globally at the beginning of 2021, according to the British newspaper, The Guardian.
“This novel contains everything – friendship and betrayal; Faith and treachery. Hope and cynicism, ”the publisher said. She added, “Murder, chaos and drama … all against the backdrop of contemporary Nigeria … As expected from Soyinka, the novel contains many colorful characters, deep visions, ingenious commentaries, and very elegant language.”
The owner of The Interpreters (published in 1965) had told This is Lagos that the closing period helped in the completion of the forthcoming book, in addition to a new theatrical work, as he plans to participate in the revival of his play Death and the King’s Horseman in Lagos next December. .


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