Within a month … the third fire broke out in Saudi Arabia


The World – Saudi Arabia

The Saudi Civil Defense stated, through its Twitter account, that it started a fire in weeds and weeds in a mountainous area in Al-Quoz village in Al-Souda Center, and implemented plans to besiege, combat and prevent its spread.

Later, the Civil Defense announced that it had “taken control of some sites,” noting that work was under way to “open roads to reach the rugged places to fight the fire, and there were no casualties so far.”

Social media accounts circulated videos of the fire, which showed a large escalation of fire and flames from one of the areas, in what local media described as a “huge fire.”

This morning, “Madani Asir” announced that it is continuing its cooling work and fighting some of the outposts in the Soudah fire with foot teams To ensure complete quenching and controlling process.

Two fires erupted on October 21 and last September 17, in two rugged areas, in the two Amad mountains in the Makkah and Tanuma regions, and the winds helped spread them at that time before they subsided.


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