With these romantic words, Ayed Mahmoud Al-Asaily, his wife


On the occasion of his wife’s birthdayUmniah Abdel Moneim, Published by the Egyptian artistMahmoud EsseilyA picture that brings them together, through his account on a social networking site, commenting: “The happiest birthday to you .. The connection or longing was the definition of how I met you, the definition of how we live our lives now .. I communicate with you and miss you yesterday, and now, God willing, always. Happy birthday to the one and only. “
It should be noted that Mahmoud Al-Asali was a cat who recently appeared in a duet that combines him with the Egyptian artist Tamer Hosni, the name of the song is “Invention”, the clip is directed by Tamer Hosni, the song is written by the poet Ahmed Hassan Raoul, and composed by Ahmed Zaim, a musical arrangement and mixing of Wissam Abdel Moneim. Recording Haitham Radhi, Master Jalal Al-Hamdaoui.


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