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The Corona meter rises dramatically, claiming more injuries and deaths, and in the face of the invasion of this virus, and the arrival of hospitals to their maximum capacity, we can only protect ourselves with preventive measures on the one hand, and by strengthening the immune system on the other hand.

“As far as our immunity is strong, the more we are able to resist Corona,” doctors repeat this phrase in our ears, to appear as the only medicine available to humanity to confront the emerging disease. How do we strengthen our immunity? Is it really capable of certain foods and foods that boost the immune system and make it able to deal with the epidemic? Dietitian Dr. Ralph Irani presented through “Lebanon 24” an integrated dietary protocol that works on two parallel lines, one of which is no less important than the other. The first is to strengthen the immune system, and the second to prevent this system from turning on the patient’s body and fighting it in collusion with Corona. In this context, Irani explains that the fear is not only limited to infection with Covid 19, but rather doctors fear the occurrence of a so-called cytokine storm, in which the immune system secretes substances such as interleukin 6 that cause inflammation in the body, and in this case the immune system attacks the tissues. And organs such as the lung, stomach, kidneys, etc., and he fights us. It is very important to prevent this, especially for patients who develop corona, and at the same time they suffer from autoimmune disease, lupus, lupus disease, rheumatism or psoriasis, and other diseases.

How do we protect ourselves? “The immune system is composed of many cells that fight T cells, B cells, and Natural Killer cells, Dendritic cells, etc., and the cells in their work are divided into two types, one that benefits us, which is naive cells or na وهوve cells, and another that harms us, which is senescent cells. The useful ones, which are called naذve, are created by the bone marrow and enlarged in the thymus gland, or the so-called thymus gland, these cells recognize viruses and know how to fight them, and they are formed in the growth stage only, and the body does not produce them at advanced ages, from here it can be understood how Covid-19 is It is more dangerous for the elderly than the very young.

As for old cells, they are old cells found in the immune system, and they have previously recognized viruses that have entered the body, and they are harmful so that when they divide, they become old and cause inflammation and fight the body’s organs, and by their reverse action they help the virus to kill us. From here we must work to recreate and grow the useful naive cells, and to prevent the proliferation of harmful old cells.

This is how we boost the immune system

How do we enhance the beneficial cells and the immune system food?

According to Dr. Irani’s protocol, we must eat foods that contain Apigenin, which is important in strengthening the immune system and beneficial cells and preventing infections, which are widely present in pomegranate, and then parsley, green coriander, celery, avoca, tomatoes, berries, of all kinds, strawberries. , Cress and Moss. This substance is also effective in fighting cancer cells, especially breast, prostate and lung cancers.

The second substance is Quercetin, and it is able to effectively fight the K virus as it prevents it from entering the cells, and here Dr. Irani indicates that he prescribes it as a food supplement in a ratio of 500 to 1000 mg per day. To make it more effective, take it with vitamin C and selenium at the same time.

The third substance, Sulforaphane, is present in broccoli, but this substance only works if we eat broccoli with mustard, and broccoli must be steamed, and raw broccoli should not be eaten more than once or twice a week.

The fourth substance, Colostrum, is beetroot and is known as colostrum or colostrum colloquially, meaning the milk excreted by dairy animals in the first feedings immediately after birth. It also contains a large percentage of proteins, and it contributes to preventing food from bacteria. Since beetroot is not available, it can be obtained as a dried powder, and I personally prescribe it to patients, equivalent to 4 to 5 grams per day. The powder is dissolved in water and consumed with milk or juice, which effectively contributes to helping the natural killer cells or commando cells to attack and kill viruses, and to recognize and get rid of every foreign body.

And inside Colostrum there is another important substance that fights viruses, whose effectiveness is studied on Covid-19 called Lactoferrin, this substance strengthens the immune system, especially if it is taken on the same day and not at the same time with the substance Sulforaphane in broccoli.

In addition to the foods we have mentioned, zinc can be taken at a rate of 22 mg per day with vitamins E and D, and the latter is recommended to be taken with oil or fatty foods. There is also the Japanese or medicinal mushroom called Reishi that helps fight viruses.

Useful mixes

The second part of immunizing ourselves is by not allowing the immune system to turn against us and fight us, and there is a fear that this device may attack the lungs and others in the case of Corona sufferers and cause clots, hence the nave cells must be strengthened. The foods that help with this are:

A mixture consisting of 200 grams of crushed garlic, 500 milliliters of olive oil, 500 milliliters of sesame oil, a little addition of pomegranate seed oil, a similar proportion of grape seed oil, a teaspoon of turmeric. Whip these ingredients with the blender, then put them in a place that does not reach the light, and work to shake or stir the mixture daily for 14 days. Then half the mixture and add it to the food according to age.

A second mixture contains oats and barley, which are boiled, and they contain Beta glucan, which is very important in strengthening immunity and fighting the virus, and a yellow knot is added to them, and they are taken with home-made milk as it contains good bacteria or probiotics from the lactobacilli family. Development of the immune system in the digestive system, and milk contains whey protein, or what is known as whey, which promotes growth.

Dr. also advises. I saw me drinking green and black tea between meals with the addition of the yellow node, as they contain theaflavin, and it has been shown to be important in strengthening the immune system and fighting cancer cells.


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