Wireless headphones from “LG” cancel noise and clean themselves


The South Korean company LG announced a new model of the headset, Tone Free TWS, with the number HBS-FN7, which features a charging case that cleans itself using ultraviolet rays, with support for noise cancellation.

The new headset from LG comes with three microphones on each pair of the headphones to monitor and synthesize the surrounding sounds. The microphones were developed with Meridian Audio technology, and come with an in-ear canal design.

The new headphones from LG are paired with mobile devices via Bluetooth 5.1, and they support SBC codecs and AAC Bluetooth.

These headphones come with a unique feature inside the charging case, which uses the company’s UVnano cleaning technology.

The charging case features UV technology that cleans the earbuds using ultraviolet light while charging the earbuds, which kills the bacteria and germs that live inside the earbuds. LG claims the feature kills 99.9 percent of E. coli and S. aureus 2. The case is shipped via the USB-C port, and the battery life with the case is about 15 hours.

The company first demonstrated the concept last year with its TONE Free headphones in South Korea.

The new headphones boast ease of use and durability, as they have an IPX4 rating to protect against splashes, rain and sweat while working, and they also feature voice command support for comfortable voice access to the Google Assistant or Apple Assistant on the connected smartphone.

Touch commands built into each earbud allow the listener to play and pause music, skip and control the current path without needing to do so via the phone.

The new LG Tone Free FN7 earphones are available for sale in South Korea, at a price equivalent to $ 194. It is expected to reach the rest of Asia, Europe and North Africa during the fourth quarter of this year.


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