Windows 10 built-in apps to get rid of


The applications built into the operating system “Windows 10”, called “bloatware”, cause some annoyance to them because they occupy a large amount of storage space and most of them are not used because of better alternatives, and they are difficult to delete.

Windows 10 includes a variety of built-in applications designed to perform the basic tasks you expect to do when using your device, such as: checking e-mail, browsing the web, playing audio and video files, editing images, and many more.

There are some applications that must be deleted after installing the operating system on the device, in order to ensure the best performance without disturbing, and they are as follows:

Advertising applications

When you install a new copy of “Windows 10”, and log in using a local account or your “Microsoft” account, you will find some applications in the (Start) menu, such as Candy Crush, Bubble Witch 3 Saga, March of Empires, and others.

Starting with version 1903, the system has been compiling these advertising applications in one volume; You can delete it, through the Start menu, then select the Promoted Applications folder, then right-click on it, and finally (Uninstall).

Games applications

Some applications for games come with the operating system, and some of us do not like or do not like to play and have no interest in games, so those applications such as Xbox, Xbox game bar, Xbox Live, and Mixed Reality Portal can be deleted.

To get rid of these applications, you can go to the Start menu, then type in the search bar (Mixed Reality Portal). At the top of the search bar a list of options will appear, click on the option (Uninstall) Uninstall.

Optional applications

The new Office app in the Start menu provides quick access to cloud-based office applications, but if you don’t use these apps and rely on Google Cloud apps like me then you don’t need them on your computer.

OneNote lets you easily record and manage notes, and you can use the cloud-based version with a Microsoft account for free, even if you don’t subscribe to Office 365, so if you don’t have an alternative app you can rely on, it’s a great option for taking and managing notes in Windows 10 already. .

And if you don’t want it you can uninstall it like any other app. As for the application (OneDrive), it is not recommended to delete it from your computer, as you can rely on it to keep a backup copy of your computer.

Applications cannot be removed

There are 6 basic applications in the “Windows 10” system that cannot be deleted from the device, namely: the alarm clock, the clock, the camera, the photos application, the maps, the People, and your Phone, and you will notice that there is no option to uninstall in the list.

“Microsoft” considers these applications from the basic package in the Windows 10 system, and deleting them may cause unexpected behavior in the system. So don’t try to delete it in any way.


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