Who is Cynthia Khalifa with the strangest look on the first day of the El Gouna Festival? | news


The appearance of the Lebanese actress, Cynthia Khalifa, at the premiere of the movie “The Gold Guard”, drew criticism from many because of its strangeness.

Learn about Cynthia Khalifa:

– Cynthia, born in 1992.

– She started working at the age of eleven with George Khabbaz in “Abdo Abdo”.

– She worked as a broadcaster for the Lebanese MTV channel since 2009 at the age of seventeen, and in 2010 she got her first acting role, but her real breakthrough came through the series “Ruby”.

– She presented several TV series and TV shows among several channels, the most important of which are MTV and MBC. She started in the first as a presenter, and one of her most important programs is “Cook Studio”, which was shown on MBC in 2012 and 2014.


– Cynthia is known in the middle and among her friends that she is light-shaded and loves to laugh, and she is also known for her natural beauty and good looks despite her simplicity, and she also loves to keep up with fashion and the world of fashion, which increased the number of her followers on social networking sites.

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