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Netflix has released the documentary “Secrets of the Saqqara Cemetery,” which documents the journey to discover a “unique” tomb.

The film will be available on 28 October, and show the journey to uncover Saqqara.

The film was directed by James Toffel, executive produced by Richard Bradley and Katrina Turoni, and produced by Lion Television and At Land Productions. The film revolves around the documentation of a team of archaeologists who search for catacombs, corridors, cemeteries, and burial chambers that have not been previously discovered, to unveil the most important archaeological discovery that Egypt has witnessed in nearly 50 years.

The film shows the discovery of the tomb of the ancient state priest of Wah-T, which has not been opened for 4,500 years, and 5 other burial chambers, which reveals a startling historical mystery, as the film takes viewers on a journey through thousands of years in the deep past, and offers them a unique and non-existent look. Preceded by the life and death of one of the men of ancient Egypt and his family.

This discovery has been described as a unique discovery, which only comes once in every generation, as the tomb of Wah-Te was found dazzlingly preserved along with 55 statues carved into the walls, making this the largest decorated tomb found in this royal cemetery. During the excavation trip, the team also found more than 3000 artifacts. Within the boundaries of the cemetery donated to the goddess – the Egyptian cat Bastet, the excavation team discovered a mummified mummy of a young lion cub – the first lion to be discovered in Egypt, and this is an exciting precedent in Egyptology.

James Toffel, director of the film Secrets of the Saqqara Cemetery, commented: “This is an exciting moment for the whole world. Filming this movie was an experience full of exciting surprises. Working with the Egyptian team, which has a deep connection to its ancestors, made this project even more unique. This mission was unlike any other. Usually in archaeological excavation, you have to work for weeks to find anything. But during this mission we used to get an amazing discovery every few seconds. Among them is a discovery that we were able to photograph it with cameras while it happens which is finding the first mummified mummy of a lion cub in Egypt, and it was a moment Wonderful for everyone, and then we had the privilege of exploring the burial chambers of the priest of the ancient state and WT. There is no doubt that filming exploring tombs from the era of the Old Kingdom is a golden opportunity for any filmmaker. ”

The documentary was filmed in Saqqara, near Cairo, less than a kilometer and a half away from the step pyramid of Djoser, one of the oldest stone monuments on earth. The documentary will be released internationally in 190 countries with more than 30 subtitles, in addition to dubbing in English.

The idea of ​​the documentary film came upon the discovery of the 4,500-year-old tomb, which made headlines around the world when it was discovered in late 2018, which is the tomb of the ancient Egyptian priest Wah-Te of the Fifth Dynasty, in the year 2500-2350 BC, during the reign of Pharaoh Nefer IR Career.

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