WhatsApp provides 3 important features for Android users


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WhatsApp offers 3 important features for Android users, today, Sunday, October 25, 2020 11:59 PM

WhatsApp has become one of the most popular applications that make updates and release new features for its users, and WhatsApp tries to work to make the application among the best messaging applications in the world, as it is the most popular application, with more than 2 billion users around the world.

Facebook, the owner of the WhatsApp application, announced a number of wonderful benefits that most WhatsApp users around the world will get during the next few days, including:

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1- The feature of encrypting WhatsApp messages through the face print:

Whereas WhatsApp had issued the feature to a number of iPhone users, starting with the iPhone X in 2017, and the feature to secure WhatsApp messages through the FaceID feature, which is called Fingerprint lock, or face lock for WhatsApp messages, on newer iPhones, but the app announced yesterday the release The feature on Android phones Finally, it released the WABetaInfo trial version of the feature on Pixel 4 phones, and then it will announce it on the rest of Android phones.

2- Get rid of the inconvenience of WhatsApp messages forever

And officially WhatsApp announced a few days ago the feature to disturb WhatsApp messages forever, which is to suspend their chat conversations for life, as the application had announced its launch at the beginning of this month.

The conversation suspension feature for group chats in the application could be suspended according to three options, which is only 8 hours or suspended for a week or a year, and many users were suffering from not knowing how to suspend group conversations for a longer time.

3- Enabling online shopping and payment through WhatsApp conversations

And Facebook announced yesterday that it will allow online purchase in the WhatsApp application, in order to enable small and medium-sized companies with about 50 million companies and 175 million people.

WhatsApp launches a way to shop and pay for goods and services in WhatsApp conversations, where users will go directly when buying through the Facebook Hosting Services service, which will include WhatsApp for Busines in WhatsApp, and users will pay fees for their use.

Chat shopping will be done by providing information about the product and starting discussions about transactions, in addition to using the QR code and sharing purchase links in chats. Facebook will also provide WhatsApp with a large number of features soon to improve the in-app shopping process, so that it can compete with the Instagram application.
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