WhatsApp is getting features that make it more secure soon


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            <span class="created">28 October, 2020</span>
            <p dir="RTL"><span style="background-color: initial;">Websites specializing in the affairs of the Internet and smart devices stated that the "WhatsApp" application may soon get new features that make it safer and more practical.</span></p><p dir="RTL">Expected pending <span dir="LTR">WABetaInfo</span> One of the experimental versions of the WhatsApp application for Android devices is testing the feature of entering conversations and calls via face recognition technology, which will provide greater protection for users' data, and this feature will be similar to that provided by the application for owners of devices operating with the system <span dir="LTR">iOS</span> And fitted with a scanner <span dir="LTR">Face ID</span>".</p><p dir="RTL">It is supposed to integrate this feature with the feature of unlocking the application via the fingerprint in the "biometric protection" option of the application, to facilitate the process of locking or canceling it depending on these two technologies, according to "Russia Today".</p><p dir="RTL">On the other hand, the site indicated <span dir="LTR">Gizmochina</span> However, the "WhatsApp" application may get new features that will help activate the "do not disturb" or "silent mode" for messaging groups for an unlimited period, not for a week or a year as is currently the case.</p><p dir="RTL">The application is also supposed to get additional features that help the user to control conference calls. If he receives a request to join a conference call and is not able to immediately for some reason, he will be able to join it at a later time.
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