What will the Lebanese President say today about government consultations?


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What will President Michel Aoun say today from the presidential palace? Does holding parliamentary consultations on time, regardless of his “charter notes”, confirm the assignment of Prime Minister Saad Hariri, without the voices of the two largest Christian blocs? Or does he intend to announce the postponement with the same justifications that he previously included in the category of positive reasons, as it is the only excuse that braces Hariri’s impulsion and forces him to recognize internal balances? These questions were overwhelmed yesterday after the presidency announced a message that Aoun will send to the Lebanese, “regarding the current situation.”

Al-Akhbar newspaper wrote that while Baabda sources were silent about the reason for this decision and the content of the speech, information intersected that Aoun would launch a high-ceilinged and surprising position, from all the events that have attacked the Lebanese arena in recent weeks, starting from the border demarcation file, to the developments related to the file Government. These questions compounded yesterday afternoon following the issuance of a statement by the “consultative meeting” in which it was decided not to name “the only candidate who assigned himself to proceed with the policies followed without clarifying his financial, monetary and economic policy”, noting that he was previously heading to name Hariri, which opened the door to speculation about Whether there were any new developments pulled the cover off Hariri. I add to the statement the introduction of the evening newscast of “OTV”, which opened fire in more than one direction.

There is no doubt that Aoun’s speech will be very important, and in light of which it is assumed that the path that the government file will take, and with it the entirety of the Lebanese crisis, will be determined, although the preferences remain in favor of Hariri’s mandate on Thursday, noting that most of the political forces, with the exception of Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri, hope Put it off. Political sources relied on confirming this, on one indication, which is that the compelling reasons that were used for the postponement last week and which were based on the excuse of “the absence of the Christian Charter” for the assignment have no constitutional basis, in addition to the withdrawal of the “forces” of this pretext, separating the concept of the charter and the lack of The designation of Hariri, in parallel with publicly criticizing the Maronite Church, delays consultations, as well as the authoring process, and “playing with the charter.” Accordingly, Aoun will only be able to leave the way for the constitutional game to take its course, provided that the engagement moves to the path of composition, in light of the conflicting calculations of the basic forces, as the formation process will be thorny and complex, and it will not be released until the presidential race in the White House becomes clear.
While the contacts were supposed to start last Monday night, as President Berri indicated, informed sources said that “there was no significant contact.” That everyone was surprised by the announcement of the message that Aoun will send. ” The circles of the March 8 team confirmed that “the two parties, Hezbollah and Amal Movement, heard from the media about the date of Aoun’s speech, and they were not informed of any prior position, and they do not know the background or the content of the message that the President of the Republic will send.” The sources emphasized that “no one has spoken to them about the matter of postponing consultations, neither from near or far, while they are waiting for what Aoun will say.”

The sources said that “Hezbollah does not interfere in the issue of consultations or their timing,” and that “he still favors an understanding with Hariri, noting that the party has not reached any agreement with him, and he still has reservations about Hariri’s request for assistance on the issue of the International Monetary Fund,” and refuses to He leaves him free. ” As for the majority, “they see in the postponement an opportunity to buy time, because lack of agreement on the substance of the French paper will reflect a conflict at the stage of writing, so why does Hariri give the assignment paper before the American elections that will take place in two weeks?”
In another context, the Russian Foreign Ministry issued a statement indicating that the Special Representative of the Russian President to the Middle East and North Africa, Deputy Foreign Minister, Mikhail Bogdanov, met yesterday with the Special Representative of former Prime Minister Saad Hariri, George Shaaban. During the meeting, the discussion dealt with current issues in Lebanon, in light of the developments in the internal crisis in the political, economic and social fields. The Russian Foreign Ministry statement stated that “the Russian side stressed Moscow’s commitment and emphasis on the sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity of Lebanon, and in particular the need to accelerate the formation of a capable government, which constitutes the important starting point for resolving the issues before the Lebanese society, and the guarantee for the subsequent development in Lebanon.”


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