What is the main Windows Update “October 10, 2020”?


Microsoft has officially started launching the second major Windows 10 update this year, which is known as the “October 2020 Update”. This update has been rolled out to more than a billion users of the Windows operating system, and usually the second major update every year, this update did not bring much New features are as much as a servicing package and a security upgrade.

Windows 10 October 2020 Update

This update did not provide many advantages, but at the same time there are some new adjustments such as changes in the Start menu in terms of appearance, as well as changes in the way the menu navigation between windows works via the alt + tab shortcut and a major major update for the Edge browser.

Navigating between applications also supports the Edge browser tabs, as well as it will appear in the menu in addition to the applications. In this way, you can directly enter a specific tab within the browser, and it has become easy for game lovers to adjust the refresh rate of the screen by following the following path: Settings> System> Display, Advanced display settings and then you can set it at a higher rate instead of entering the display card applications itself.


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