What happens in the body when you quit smoking?


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Dr. Victoria Kovalyova, a specialist in psychology and narcotics, says that giving up smoking is not only a saving, but also avoiding cellulite, changing health and healing the lungs.

In an interview with the Russian Novosti news agency, the doctor indicated that the cells only need a full day to get rid of carbon dioxide and start absorbing oxygen quickly. That is, the body will get rid of nicotine within 24 hours. And if a person smokes for a long time, this condition will be new for him, and he will feel drowsy, lethargic and dizzy.

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The best time to quit smoking

She adds, and symptoms of changes appear: irritability and increased appetite, and during this stage heavy metal salts begin to leave the lungs in the form of dark-colored phlegm.

“It becomes easier to control mood, especially when you exclude fatty and fried foods,” she says. “But when a person smokes he gets used to having something in his mouth, so he subconsciously starts eating more snacks, such as seeds and biscuits. This leads to weight gain. So, you can use sugar-free straws, and drink more fluids. ”

And she added, at the end of the first week, a person feels the absence of nicotine, the taste of food improves, the blood pressure returns to normal, the intestinal function improves, and within seven days the cells of the mucous membrane are renewed, and the absorption of vitamins, especially A, E and K, and vitamins of group B improves.

The cough subsides within 12-30 days, and the body’s resistance to viruses increases. Because smoking is one of the main factors contributing to the development of pneumonia and other lung diseases. The metabolism process improves and the work of the subcutaneous glands improves. When you do not eat excessively, the person loses the extra weight that he gained in the first days after giving up smoking, and he notices an improvement on his skin.

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Essential vitamins for those wishing to quit smoking

The expert points out that, after two months of quitting smoking, blood pressure decreases and the heart works better, and she says, “The blood supply to the skin improves, the rash disappears, the greasiness of the hair and small wrinkles decrease, the pigment spots decrease, and generally the person appears younger.”

She adds, and if a person engages in intense physical activity, the muscles enlarge and strengthen as a result of improved protein absorption.

After three months, the lung regeneration process begins. This process affects the blueberry cells that make up the mucosa. This process may last a whole year because it is related to the number of years of addiction to smoking, and during this period the cough disappears.

“For most smokers who quit this habit, cold hands and fingertips disappear. This improves blood flow in all tissues and restores nerve endings,” she says.

After six months or years, the hoarseness of the voice disappears, the tooth enamel becomes whiter, the risk of stroke and myocardial infarction decreases, and the shortness of breath subsides.

Source: Novosti


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