What does the new “Ceramic Shield” mean on the iPhone 12 screens?


Apple has provided with The launch of the new iPhone 12 phones is a new feature It is the Ceramic Shield feature, which makes the iPhone 12 screen more solid and strong than any iPhone that has been released before, and according to ZDNet, the Ceramic Shield feature makes it difficult for iPhone 12 phones to crash easily, as iPhone owners were suffering from a crash problem Their phone screens easily, which was costing them a lot.

Ceramic Shield feature

According to Apple, this feature makes iPhone 12 phone screens stronger than any other smartphone screen, as the performance of Ceramic Shield in phones is four times better, as it makes it different from regular glass, as Ceramic Shield goes through several processes, including the process of crystallization of glass at a high temperature It allows the formation of nano-ceramic crystals in the glass, which enhances the durability and toughness of the screen of the iPhone 12.

And Apple indicated that Ceramic Shield is the biggest leap in the use of glass in this way in any iPhone phone, as iPhone 12 phones have a four-fold chance to stay and withstand without breaking, and the back of iPhone 12 phones has a second glass layer, where users can From placing any wireless chargers on the back of the phone through the MagSafe feature.


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