What do you do with old phones, laptops, and tablets?


Electronic waste is a big problem, and it is a problem that gets worse over time, and the United States now produces 21 percent more electronic waste globally than it did five years ago, and when it comes to gadgets like phones, new phones are likely to be completely replaced within General, and sometimes it is not replaced.

This is why it’s worth thinking carefully about what you’re doing with your old hardware, and you might be surprised at how many ways you can repurpose an old piece of hardware, even if it’s several years old and becomes too slow to do its original job properly.

Turn old phones or tablets into a security camera:

When the age of smartphones and tablets exceeds its usefulness, do not throw it away, there are a lot of work techniques that can perform other roles, and one of these roles is to use these phones as a security camera, as it provides a permanent video feed that you can benefit from using another phone from anywhere else in the world.

Turn old phones or tablets into a media remote control:

Over the past few years, we’ve seen a wave of new wireless transmission protocols arrive and expand in scope.Think about the number of ways available to you to stream media wirelessly now, including Apple’s AirPlay, Google’s Chromecast system, and the apps that Sonos provides with Own speakers and more.

What this means for your old phone or tablet is that you can use it as a remote control or a dedicated media hub. Keep an old iPad next to your (Apple TV) to stream shows and movies, or keep a device Android Tablet next to the device (Chromecast dongle) To stream Spotify or YouTube playlists to it.

Use your old laptop as a media center:

Old laptops can be reused as media centers and storing videos and music, ready to stream around your home, it is a light task, so it fits in old devices, and this means that you can keep a lot of hard drive space free on the new laptop.

Turn old phones or tablets into scanners:

If you have an old phone or tablet, you don’t have to go out and buy an e-reader – you can just use your current device instead. The Kindle and Kobo apps can be used to purchase and read e-books.


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