What are the defects that iPhone 12 users have complained about?


Some users of the new iPhone 12 phones complained about defects in their devices, after receiving it last Friday.
According to the information, “some owners of iPhone 12 phones indicated that they did not notice a big difference between the new phones and the iPhone phones that Apple launched last year, especially when taking pictures and filming videos, and they also indicated that they did not find changes in the work of the biometric nova, and that the recognition sensor On the face of the new phones, it works at the same speed as it did in the iPhones of last year. “
Users also indicated that “the process of installing the new charger announced by Apple during its technical event, which is placed on the back of the new iPhones, is not that easy.”
On the other hand, an article published by “Verge” newspaper pointed out that “the main defect in the new iPhone 12 Pro phones is the rapid discharge of the battery charge, especially when connected to the fifth generation networks.” According to the article, “after using these phones for two and a half hours if their screen is Also working, the freight rate was decreasing by 18 percent, “which is indicated by the experts on the Engadget site. They also mentioned that people who are accustomed to the length of the iPhone 11 will be “a little disappointed” with the battery performance indicators in the new model.
On October 13, Apple announced four new models of its phones, and it is striking that these phones were offered to users in some countries with boxes without chargers and headphones.
These devices got the new A14 Bionic processors, which Apple said “is the most powerful processors it has developed for phones so far.”


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