Welcome the new Toyor Al Jana Birds of Paradise frequency for children via Nilesat 2020 to follow children’s songs and entertainment programs


Birds of Paradise is a very distinctive channel that has spread widely among all children in the Arab world, and the fame extended to Turkey and the Middle East, and through the Birds of Paradise channel, the new birds of Paradise can be received via the channel’s frequency on the Nilesat satellite, as it is a channel targeting the Arab child to present him the most beautiful The correct meanings, the foundations of proper education, customs and traditions, through the following lines we explain to you the frequency of the new Birds of Paradise channel for children via the Nilesat 2020 satellite.

Birds of Paradise channel for children

Is a channel heavens’ Birds One of the channels that target children in young age groups, which are the foundation age stages, and it provides children with a set of educational entertainment programs that explain to children more details through which they can learn and recognize some good habits.

In addition, the Birds of Paradise channel presents a set of very distinctive songs and hymns that children memorize and chant frequently, bearing good and good meanings in their words.

The new frequency of the Birds of Paradise channel

With the increasing search in the various search engines from Google, Bing and others about the Birds of Paradise channel and the frequency of the channel to receive it on the receiver, you can now receive the channel via the next frequency, as we were keen to bring you the latest update of the new frequency of the Birds of Paradise channel for the month of November 2020, and the frequency is received through the following data :

  • The frequency of Birds of Paradise on Nilesat is set to 11315
  • Channel coding rate 27500 vertical polarization.
  • Error correction factor.


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