We were under pressure to normalize with Israel


Sudanese Foreign Minister Omar Qamar al-Din admitted that his country was under pressure in the last hours during its negotiations to remove its name from the US list of countries sponsoring terrorism, adding that what is important is that Sudan is outside that list.

The minister stressed that his country is against the policy of the axes, although it has not completely succeeded in avoiding it, stressing that Khartoum will maintain good relations with all countries of the world, including Israel in the event of establishing relations with it.

The Sudanese minister affirmed that the normalization agreement with Israel is “preliminary and oral,” and that its final approval is linked to the approval of Parliament, and that there are no written clauses. The agreement will be written later, and it will be presented to the Legislative Council for approval or refusal.

For its part, the Sudanese Professionals Association accused the transitional government of deliberately lacking transparency, concealing facts, and deceiving the people in its efforts to normalize normalization with Israel.

The Sudanese Trade Union Gathering described – in a statement – normalization as a deal that serves the interest of the American and Israeli administrations in their electoral propaganda, and does not accrue to the Sudanese people except for a further division among their revolutionary forces.

The statement reminded that Israel is an occupying state with a usurping racist regime and supportive of extremism and discrimination, which is far from the slogans of the December revolution.

The Sudanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced last week that the transitional government had agreed to normalize relations with Israel, and on the same day the White House announced that US President Donald Trump informed Congress of his intention to remove Sudan from the list of states sponsoring terrorism, which he had been included in since 1993, for hosting the then leader. The late Al Qaeda organization Osama bin Laden.

Thus, Sudan becomes the fifth Arab country to agree to normalize its relations with Israel, after Egypt (1979), Jordan (1994), and the UAE and Bahrain (2020).

After the announcement of normalization, several Sudanese political forces declared their categorical rejection of normalization with Israel, including the parties participating in the ruling coalition.


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