We are in a race with the epidemic!


The Minister of Public Health in the caretaker government, Hamad Hassan, confirmed, “We are at the height of the second stage of the epidemic, when intensive care beds are full, and only a fraction of them are available,” announcing that the ministry “has started the stage of preparing more intensive care beds in government hospitals,” At a time, the number of respirators is about three. “In an interview with Al-Manar TV, Hassan pointed out that “the loss of control over the spread of the epidemic occurred after the explosion of the fourth of August, as the injuries rose from five thousand cases, before the fourth of August, to more than forty-two thousand today.”

He said, “The percentage of commitment to close 111 villages and towns today has reached, according to the field teams of the Ministry of Public Health, about 70%, noting that today is a holiday, and the percentage of commitment will become clearer during the days of the week,” and he explained that 65 field teams “were completed today. Eleven thousand tests to track contacts and survey the epidemiological reality in the aforementioned towns and villages, and 10 partial teams worked to transfer samples, and there were more than three hundred volunteers spread in various Lebanese regions, in addition to many of the Ministry, and these are efforts that the humanitarian and health organizations partnering with the Ministry of Health thank the public”.

Minister Hassan added that “there may have been mathematical errors in the decision-making in closing a number of towns, but the positive aspect must be focused on reducing injuries, especially since the scientific committee in the Ministry of Public Health had recommended a general closure, which in fact achieves the principle of justice and equality.” In this area”.Regarding the role of the hospital sector, he pointed out that “the blame is great for private hospitals because few of them have accompanied the efforts of the Ministry of Public Health in combating the epidemic. Out of 30 government hospitals, there are 15 hospitals that receive Corona patients, and out of 130 private hospitals, there are 15 private hospitals.” Receive these patients. ” He said, “We rely on the agreement reached last week with these hospitals to raise the tariff of protective suits from Corona in order to motivate these hospitals to engage in fighting the epidemic.”

He pointed out that “the Ministry of Public Health can reclassify private hospitals and freeze the contract signed with them, but the goal is not to open a dispute, but to extend a hand to these hospital institutions and cooperate to confront the difficult situation, because standing by the efforts made to confront the epidemic is very important, and this is a national responsibility that history will record.” The Lebanese state will not forget it, and one of the solutions on offer is to use specialized field hospitals. ”

He revealed, “An initial approval has been received from the Qatari ambassador to bring in a field hospital of 1000 beds, and in case the final approval is obtained, 500 beds will be placed in the north to cover the increasing health needs there.”

Minister Hassan pointed out that “he requested the Governor of the Central Bank of Lebanon, Riad Salameh, to provide him with a specific number for the amount of support available for the drug item, so that alternative plans are drawn up based on the existing reality,” stressing that “the transactions of medical supplies importers must be accelerated, but the threat on the other hand is not to Delivery of these supplies is not acceptable. “


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