Watch the video, Myriam Fares announces the birth of her second child in the most difficult year that has passed for the world, my lady


The Lebanese actress revealedMyriam FaresAbout an unexpected surprise when she gave birth to a second child, whom she called “Dave”, and Faris published a video on her Twitter account that reveals her child’s hand while holding her finger and commented on the video saying: “It is true that you have come to life with the most difficult year in the world, but you will Be safe because he welcomed you with my eyes.

Myriam Fares with her older child Jayden

The video revealed the real date of the birth of the second child of Myriam Fares, which is on October 20, noting that Myriam hid the news of her pregnancy from everyone and moved a little away from her social media platforms, and she also benefited from home health isolation measures to prevent the outbreak of the Corona virus in hiding the news of her pregnancy. . “Madam Net” alone announced it

Madam Net has overlooked the confidentiality imposed on Myriam Fares, who refused to confirm or deny the frequent pregnancy news since she appeared more than once in loose clothing, and exclusively announced her pregnancy in the second child, and according to sources close to her, the second child was expected to arrive early 2021.

It is reported that Miriam has a son named “Jayden” and she has two young boys from her husband, who has not yet wanted to reveal his identity.

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