Watch .. Tamer Amin commenting on Dala Rania Youssef and the people bathed


Al-Amami Tamer Amin praised the level of the fourth edition of the El Gouna Festival this year, and the red carpet is a match to highlight the beauty, this is what Tamer Amin described.

The journalist, Tamer Amin, described the festival, through his program “Late An-Nahar,” which is shown on the “An-Nahar” screen. He described the festival as a carnival to highlight the beauty. Each of the artists shows his most beautiful looks, whether a man or a woman.

Amin said: “The El Gouna Festival is a big boy, and only a few years have passed since its launch and has become one of the most important festivals in Egypt and the Middle East,” indicating that it has become a major artistic phenomenon as it includes a red carpet, movie screenings and events.

And he continued: “You feel that while you are watching the smell is sweet, people are bathing, you feel that Egypt is such a sweet thing, and when you see an artistic cinematic environment among the stars, you are working like this, you are watching the Oscar.

Tamer commented on the festival, including his comment on the dress of actress Rania Youssef and said: “The lining is present, this is a dangerous indicator, Rania.”


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