Watch pictures: Donia Batma gives birth to her second child and chooses this name for her


Moroccan artist developed Donia Batma Her second child, from her husband and her manager Muhammad al-Turk.

Muhammad al-Turk published the news of her birth on his own page on the photo and video site “Instagram”. He attached a picture to the delivery room and commented on it: “Praise be to God. Thankfully. Today, my little princess has come to the world, and I say hey, whoever is in the world is present …”

He added: “Like sunlight and moonlight … Today is the best news of the arrival of my princess, as if she is a bride like the moon. Glory be to my Lord, who has ordered …. He gave us the gift of life.”

Al-Turk also published a picture of Ghazal with her sister, but without showing her features.

Lily Day

Donia Batma, she also shared a blog post through the short stories feature in “Instagram”, through which she revealed that the name “Laila Rose” was chosen for her daughter after the name of her mother, Mrs. Laila Atassi, and in it she said: “Praise be to God, my peace, today God blessed us with great joy and a princess. Her name is Lailarose / Laila Rose, after the dear mother, thank God, your peace, my love, Mami. ”

Exemption however

A few days ago, the Marrakech Court of Appeal decided to postpone the file of the trial of the defendants in a case that has become known in the media as “Hamza Moon Bibi” file until October 21.

The court also decided to exempt Donia Batma, who is following up in a state of release, alongside her sister Ibtisam Batma, Aisha Ayyash, and Sofya Shukiri, who are following up in the case of arrest, from attending the rest of the trial sessions, due to the approaching date of her scheduled birth within the next few weeks.

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