Watch Mays Hamdan show her beauty without makeup … her latest appearance


Actress Mays Hamdan published a new video of her through her personal account on the social networking site and exchanged photos and videos “Instagram”, which is one of the things that attracts the attention of many followers, and offers a large number of her recent photos and videos that many people like to follow.

Watch Mays Hamdan show her beauty without makeup … her latest appearance

Mays appeared in her video smiling and showing her wonderful beauty without makeup, and the video won the admiration of many followers, and many expressed her beauty without makeup and it is better not to put it on, as it is one of the things that made her distinguished in the photos and videos that you provide .

In a separate context, the artist Mays Hamdan confirmed that she had recently contracted with the producer, Nasr Mahrous, and this is to distribute her new Gulf songs that she will present, which bears the name “Sahha Sahih”, and she drew attention to the fact that she did not contract the entire album with him. Currently, she is preparing to collaborate with him on another song with an Egyptian dialect.

Hamdan confirmed during many press statements that she is supposed to present and present the song “Sahih Sahih” through channels, radio and YouTube next Thursday, which is from the words of Osama al-Sulaimi and composed by Muhammad al-Badr, and the distribution of Ahmed al-Assal, Max and Master Engineer Maher Salah Wulso Mazameer Muhammad al-Nabaw


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