Watch Maryam Hussein stir up controversy again with a bold dress … and harsh criticism


The artist raised Mariam Hussein The uproar again because of her appearance in a video clip, wearing a bold dress with its design, especially in the chest area. And she appeared in the clip, walking in a public place, before meeting a friend, joking with him and laughing in his company.

It seems that this clip did not appeal to a number of followers of the accounts that republished it on the application of photos and videos “Instagram”, as it launched a wide wave of comments. While some considered the video to be normal and not worth the hype, others published scathing and sometimes scathing criticism.

And from what they wrote: “I am an outsider, preaching to me a paragraph that has been arrested and removed, you will stop” and “Where are its people about it to educate it and hold it accountable?” And “I have not seen the controversy that you are still seeing, I did not understand, or that there is nothing strange in the syllable” and “What does this repentance?” And “Can someone say the uproar because of what?”

It is noteworthy that the artist sparked controversy earlier due to her appearance in a video clip accompanied by the Lebanese hairdresser The cancellation. They had a photo session where they hugged each other before surprising her with a kiss and laughing hysterically.


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