Watch … a comprehensive tour of the Xbox Series S and Series X launches


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Watch .. Comprehensive tour of the Xbox Series S and Series X launch, Monday October 26, 2020 11:39 pm

In case you haven’t heard, Microsoft has two new Xbox consoles launched in a few weeks, the Series X and Series S.

Engadget says it’s taking a close look at the more powerful Xbox Series X, but if you like watch a video of the new console in action, including the redesigned UI and a number of other new features, Microsoft has you covered.

The company just shared a comprehensive tour of what it’s like to start up the Xbox Series S or Series X for the first time, highlighting how fast the two controllers can be.

Not surprisingly, riveted

The focus here is on speed – how fast things load, how quickly you switch between games, how quickly new titles are added to your library, etc.

After a quick overview of the home screen, which seems like an easy way to access the games you’ve been playing plus new options to spend your money on, hosts Malik Prince and Harrison Hoffman move to Gears 5 for Xbox One, they describe graphical improvements to the old titles, though. It is somewhat difficult to transport

In a YouTube video.

The video also shows the new sharing system, which has been nicely simplified – pressing the new “Share” button automatically takes a screenshot, while pressing it saves a video.

This content is automatically uploaded to your Xbox account, where it can be shared to social media directly from the Xbox smartphone app.

In fact, this smartphone app will be the key to setting up new Xbox consoles for the first time – as you will log in, set up the console on WiFi and otherwise tweak things while downloading the inevitable patch on the first day and install.

The Xbox app will allow you to remotely play any game on your Xbox console after you’ve paired the controller with your phone.


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