Warnings … How will Biden’s victory affect the dollar’s exchange rate? – Saudi Arabia News


Experts have warned that the victory of Democratic candidate Joe Biden in the presidential elections in the United States may negatively affect the dynamics of the dollar in the global market.

Experts expected the dollar’s exchange rate to decline by 1% – 2% against the euro in light of measures to stimulate the economy due to the Corona pandemic, which effectively means printing money.

“Biden’s victory will be somewhat negative on the dynamics of the dollar, because the additional stimulus is the injection of money into the economy, that is, printing money that makes the currency cheaper, while Trump’s victory will be positive to some extent,” said Edward Golosov, chairman of the Investment and Insurance Business Board. American currency »; According to «RT».

He indicated that the US government will adopt a stimulus package to support the economy, whether Biden or Trump wins, but the package is expected to be larger if Biden wins.


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