Warnings from the wireless charger after the iPhone 12 was released … Know the reason


After Apple announced the launch of its new version of the new iPhone earlier this October, the technical website “Mac Romers” advised iPhone users not to put the wireless charger. Megasafe What is new on the phone’s leather cover, and if the user puts that wireless charger on the phone’s leather cover, this may lead to a circular mark distorting the look of the cover, according to the site, so there are currently no leather covers from Apple for new versions of the iPhone 12. According to “McRoomers”, who indicated that it will be put up for sale on November 6.

However, Apple warned of the possibility of circular marks on the leather covers, and pointed out the need not to put credit cards or any magnetic cards between the iPhone and the wireless charger, because this may lead to damage..

It also explained that if the phone battery gets hot while charging it using “MagSafe”, This will lead to stopping charging when reaching 80%, adding that if the iPhone is connected to the wireless charger and Apple Lightning, The shipping will be via Lightning Only.

Let’s clean the charger “MagSafe”First, the charger must be disconnected from the power and any residues removed from the metal ring after that by using a soft and slightly damp cloth, with the need to avoid using any chemical cleaners in the cleaning process..

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