Warning from eating diet drinks and the reason!


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Researchers at the Sorbonne University tracked more than 104,000 people over a 10-year period, studying how many soft drinks, with or without sugar, they drank during that time.

The study authors found that consumers of soft drinks, whether those containing sugar or those without sugar, were 20 percent more likely to have heart disease, strokes or heart attacks than those who did not drink at all.

The study scholars divided those researched into 3 categories, non-consumers of carbonated water, low consumers and high consumers, while they divided the drink into sugary or artificially sweetened.

The research asked participants to fill out 3 dietary forms every 6 months, and records between 2009 and 2019 looked for any relationship between drinks and heart and brain problems.

The research found that participants who drank a lot of “diet” drinks had the same risk of heart disease, compared to those who consumed sugary drinks.

The risk of heart disease among high-end consumers increased to 20 percent, compared to non-consumers who embraced other options such as water, tea or coffee, according to the announced results.

The study’s lead author, Eloy Chazillas, concluded that “high intake of sugary drinks or artificially sweetened drinks was associated with an increased risk of cardiovascular disease.”

And Chazelas considered that this result indicates that “artificial sweeteners may not be a healthy alternative to sugary drinks.”

Diet drinks, such as diet soda, are often marketed as a way to reduce calorie and sugar intake, but experts are concerned about mounting evidence that artificial sweeteners disrupt the body’s metabolism, increasing the speed of sugar absorption.


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