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“The conceptual shift from individual to institutional construction,” this is how His Excellency the Minister of Housing and the Designated Minister of Municipal and Rural Affairs, Mr. Majid Al-Hogail, described the main objective of the “Wafi” program.There is no doubt that changing the culture is a clear imprint of the Ministry’s work, and in fact it is the change that promotes development and qualitative transformation to keep pace with Vision 2030, and there is no doubt that many in our society tend to the idea of ​​individual construction and designing the (dream house) in their own way, and this in itself is a challenge for both real estate developers or individuals Themselves, trust is the element that if confusion lacks vision and scattered efforts.

The Wafi program is considered the authorized body to issue licenses to engage in the activity of selling real estate units on the map, and to issue certificates of registration in the register of real estate developers for real estate development companies. While the Wafi program serves a large number of real estate developers, the Ministry seeks to raise the number of approved developers from 250 developers and support them through Several advantages, such as enhancing the ability of companies to achieve this transformation, and also interested in reducing the costs of ownership of units and preserving the rights of buyers through systems and procedures that meet these paths.

What matters to the citizen here? The program is concerned with being the close guarantor for preserving the rights of citizens and a distinct incubator for the real estate sector in the Kingdom, which is still often exposed to types of (negative) speculation operations that may contribute to high prices, and on the other hand creates a package of different qualitative jobs for young men and women under the umbrella of A program with a clear vision and goals, and we do not forget that this program is a package of a package of programs supervised by the Ministry to reflect a new and transitional era of executive responsibility for preventive legislative responsibility that draws up policies and legislation and provides guarantees to all beneficiaries.

In the next five years, God willing, we will all witness a qualitative improvement in the quality of life, and integration between sectors is necessary. Taking care of facilities and services does not come only from one side, but the important role of the third sector and civil society institutions. Neighborhood councils have specific responsibilities in creating a bridge. Between the people of the neighborhood and its administration, as well as between them and the legislator.

The test remains the citizens ’awareness of choosing the best, and also the keenness of service providers to provide products worthy of the customer’s trust.

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