Vitoria: I don’t care about the “Iranian” history


Vitoria: I don’t care about the “Iranian” history

He said his players feel confident to win today

Saturday – 16 Safar 1442 AH – 03 October 2020 AD Issue No. [

Vitoria during the press conference (Middle East)

Riyadh: Fahd Al-Issa

Al-Nassr coach Roy Vitoria admitted the difficulty of the match that will bring his team against Persepolis, Iran, in the semi-finals of the AFC Champions League this evening, and Vitoria said in the pre-match press conference: “We will play the match in the spirit of the final, and we must win it. The stage, and the two teams want to win, ”adding:“ We know it is a difficult match, but I have a strong and capable team, and we are ready and ready, and the players are convinced that they can win because they are the best. ”
Vitoria indicated their great respect for all opponents, explaining: “We feel confident, but we know that every team has a good level and strengths and weaknesses, and we have confidence in ourselves and respect others, and we know that the other team has good players and high potential.”
The Portuguese coach, who is looking forward to achieving an unprecedented historic achievement with victory, said: “I hope that nothing strange or out of the ordinary will happen. The players have presented distinguished levels and know how to deal with each match in an intelligent way.”
Vitoria refused to talk about the expected scenario for this match, revealing: “I don’t think of any scenario. I only think about the other team, and how to control the match, and certainly their coach thinks exactly like me. ”He added,“ We ​​want to win, and we spare no effort for that. I prefer to be logical and calm in my thinking. ”
Regarding the Iranian Persepolis team, Vitoria said: “They are a good team, they play collectively, and they play with good spirit, but the first thing that you should do when we play with a team like him is to understand it and put our mark that everyone knows.”
Vitoria indicated that he has more than 11 players, “We have good enthusiasm from everyone, yet we enter the stadium with all respect to the opponent, and with absolutely high confidence.”
Vitoria expressed his lack of interest in the date of the Iranian team’s arrival in the semi-finals of the tournament, explaining: “History does not matter to me, I do not care how much they played in the semi-finals. The past is important for the stories, but it does not matter to us at work. Victory 16 years ago did not reach this stage, but they all know that victory is a good team. What is important for us is only ninety minutes.
The Portuguese praised the young player Khaled Al-Ghanem, who has become an effective element in the team’s ranks, explaining: “Al-Ghanem comes with me to the conference, and plays for the first time in the semi-finals, and despite that he will play distinctively, because he has high potential, regardless of the match and its situation.”
“It is not easy to play a number of matches in a very limited period, this is a very difficult thing, but my players are great, and the crews that are with us here were doing excellent work,” Vittoria said in his speech about the pressure of the matches in the current version of the tournament, which is held in an exceptional way. ».
Vitoria concluded his talk about the daily program of the team in light of the procedures for the Corona virus, explaining: “We have stayed here for a long time, and it is difficult to stay in a hotel only and the exercise field, you only see your bed and the exercise field all day long, this is difficult, but it showed the extent of high professionalism that it has. Our Team ».
For his part, Khaled Al-Ghanem, the Al-Nasr player, said, “They are ready for the match. It will be difficult for us, but we worked with the coach in training, and God willing, we will achieve a level and result and qualify for the final.
Al-Ghanem, who scored a remarkable presence in the tournament, revealed that his emergence is due to God’s success, parents ’prayers and diligence, adding:“ I thank the coach for giving him the opportunity and the next is more beautiful.
The young player explained that Saudi Arabia has a large number of talents in football, adding: “You will see an impressive future for Saudi football.”
Al-Ghanem concluded his speech: “It will be a difficult match, and there may be pressure, but the coach always gives us comfort at work, because he says,“ Go without pressure and enjoy the match, and God willing, we will achieve a result and a level ”.
For his part, coach Yahya Ghoul said, “We play in a manner that focuses on protecting our own goal, and this is the way of playing that we rely on. We defend well, and when he does not enter goals in our own goal, our chances are stronger to win.”
The 49-year-old added, “Al-Nasr is a good team, and it has reached the semi-finals well. It is technically distinguished. We expect that our match with them will be very difficult, but we will try our best and give a distinguished level in the semi-finals.”
He added, “The new players in the team, including Issa Al Katheer, succeeded in adapting quickly with their teammates, and they understood how we played, and their contributions were clear in this tournament.”


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