Violent attack on Emirati “Hussein Al Jasmi” because of composing for Israel … and tweets: Normalization dropped the fake masks, and Palestine remains


Shafakna -Private- Arab tweeters launched a violent attack on Emirati Hussein Al Jasmi, after the Israeli band Al-Nour published a song he composed, on the occasion of normalization between Abu Dhabi and Tel Aviv. The famous Israeli orchestra “The Nour Band” presented a song entitled “I love you” composed by Hussein Al Jasmi, and published it on YouTube on September 15, and the Israeli band said that the song is a tribute to the United Arab Emirates and what it described as a “peace agreement”, which He ignited a wave of anger in Arab circles, which some saw as the beginning of the entry of normalization in art between the Arabs and the Israeli entity.

Activists poured out their anger on Hussein Al Jasmi, describing him as one of the arms of the UAE that uses it to deliver its destructive message in the Arab world by singing due to its popularity in the Arab countries, stressing that Al-Jasmi, after his cooperation with the Israelis, lost his credit with Arab followers who see the Palestinian cause as the true symbol. For the Arab struggle against the Israeli enemy.

The beginning was when Noura bint Mohammed Al Kaabi, the Emirati Minister of Culture and Youth, posted a tweet on her Twitter account, in which she said: “The Israeli Al-Nour Band presents a beautiful music composed by Emirati artist Hussein Al Jasmi, on the occasion of the peace treaty.”

“Al-Kaabi” added in her tweet in Hebrew: “I will love you.”

The Emirati Minister of Youth’s tweet sparked outrage among the followers, who questioned the form of peace that the Emiratis are talking about with an enemy who usurped the Palestinian lands and attacks the innocent Palestinian people and commits daily massacres against them.

Following the minister’s tweet, the tweeters launched the hashtag (# Shame_yak_jasmy), which met with wide interaction, topping the list of the most popular trends in some Arab countries.

The tweeters circulated through the hashtag the Israeli song, written on it that it is composed by Hussein Al Jasmi, describing it as a “normalizing step” in the field of art, and the Emirati insistence on cooperating with the Israeli entity, which the Arabs and Palestinians reject.

They said that it represents the cruel kind of insult to the Palestinian people. Whereas, it was photographed on the lands of Palestinian villages displaced from occupied Jaffa, which were replaced by Tel Aviv.

Activist Dina wrote: “The Zionists occupied the Al-Aqsa Mosque, one of the mosques that only travel to it, and committed dozens of massacres in which children, women, elderly and men were killed, and evacuated entire villages of its residents after seizing their homes and farms. Until the number of Palestinian refugees reached more than 8 million people, what peace are you talking about? ”

Maryam said: “What peace are you talking about? .. If Palestine does not concern you with your religious side, then it should concern you with your Arab side, and if you do not also pay attention to this aspect, then look at the human side .. Whoever dances and praises after the blood of peoples, children and women will only be mentioned by history Shame .. # Shame on you_Oh my body.

Rashid said: “Hussein Al Jasmi and many Arab faces, the fake Arab mask fell off their faces! Palestine and the Palestine issue will remain and extend to us and to future generations, even if the whole world is tilted, except we do not deviate from our cause that provides us with strength, determination and honor .. Long live Palestine free and Arab .. # Shame_you_ my body.

The tweeters published, through their accounts, a picture of the martyr child Muhammad al-Dura, who was shot by the bullets of the Israeli occupation in the year 2000, while he was sheltering behind his defenseless father’s back, and they said that this scene, which has shaken him by millions of consciences around the world for twenty years until now, did not move a resident of the Emirati regime As if he does not belong to the Arab race.

They indicated that the scene of the sniping of the child, Muhammad Al-Durra, is the best response to Hussein Al Jasmi, which the Israelis praise, and they consider the song that he composed in honor of the normalization agreement.

On September 15, the UAE signed an agreement to fully normalize relations with Israel, after US President Donald Trump announced on 13 August that the UAE and Israel had reached an agreement to normalize relations between the two parties.

The Kingdom of Bahrain took the same step as the Emirates, and on the same day signed an agreement to normalize relations with the Israeli entity.

The Palestinians widely condemned the Emirati-Bahraini normalization with Israel, while the Palestinian leadership and factions described it as a “stain of disgrace” and a “treacherous stab” in the back of the Palestinian people and their just cause.

The Palestinians demand the Arab leaders to adhere to the Arab Peace Initiative, which stipulates that it does not establish relations with Israel until after its complete withdrawal from the occupied territories in 1967, the establishment of a Palestinian state with East Jerusalem as its capital, as well as finding a comprehensive and just solution to the Palestinian issue.

Israel rejects all Arab initiatives calling for a solution to the Palestinian issue, and is keen for “peace in exchange for peace” and not on the principle of “peace for land,” which refutes all the Emirati and Bahraini claims that normalization is to bring peace to the region and serve the Palestinian cause.

The Palestinians demanded that the name of the Palestinian people not be included in the files of normalization with Israel, pointing to those who want the friendship of the Israeli enemy, as it is a matter of its own and does not concern the Palestinians from near or far.

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