Video – Saif Nabil celebrates the success of Luo’s song, two months after its release


The Iraqi artist celebratedSaif NabilWith the success of his last single “Law”, which achieved a high viewership, about two months after its launch on YouTube, and Saif Nabil posted a video through his own account on a social networking site from the atmosphere of the song’s clip, which includes the clip closest to his heart and commented on it saying: “Two months later On releasing the song “Lu”, I want to thank everyone who has loved and supported this work, which has crossed 25 million
Watch via YouTube. Today I chose a clip close to my heart … for whom do you guide this clip? Mnchnoh Alkomnt. “
It is worth noting that Saif Nabil’s song “Law” makes great echoes through radio and television stations and music applications.


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