Video of the Israeli player’s reaction after his first goal with the UAE club Al-Nasr


Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – Activists on social media circulated videos and pictures of the Israeli Muslim player at the Emirati club Al-Nasr, Diaa Sabaa, after scoring his first goal with the club after his transfer.

And the Israeli page, in Arabic, of the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs, published a video and pictures of Al-Nasr Club, which shows the Israeli player, Diaa Sabaa, prostrating after scoring the goal during the match in front of Al Wasl Club.

The Dubai-based Emirati club Al-Nasr welcomed the first Israeli player in the Arab Gulf League, Diaa Sabaa, explaining that he had contracted with the player for purely technical reasons and no “other considerations” for this deal.

At the end of last September, Al-Nassr published a statement of welcome to Sabaa in which he said: “Al-Nasr Football Company wishes success to the player Dia Sabaa in his new mission and to appear at the desired level. A purely artistic perspective and was chosen due to his many talents and technical and individual capabilities that will constitute a strong addition to the ranks of the Dean, and also out of its keenness to attract sports talents from all over the world without considering any other considerations in order to enrich local competitions and enhance competition between clubs for the benefit of Emirati football, especially since the Blue Castle was and is still an important station for world football stars, “as he put it.


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