Video of a Saudi teacher supplying electricity from a transformer in Saudi Arabia that provokes an interaction … and the electricity company is suspended


Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – Activists circulated on social media, a video clip showing a teacher providing electricity from a transformer on the street in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which sparked a widespread interaction.

And it appears in the circulating section that the parameter has connected the laptop with the electricity taken from the general electrical transformer, and begins by taking the names of attendees and absences in an almost empty area around them.

The Saudi Electricity Company commented in a tweet on its official page on the social networking site, Twitter, in which it said: “A comment on the circulating clip of a teacher supplying electricity through a transformer .. Saudi Electricity: Approaching the company’s equipment, transmission stations and electricity rooms is a real danger and only technicians should deal with it. And the specialists who implement all safety measures, and are licensed by the company or its contractors. ”

The interaction of the activists on the video clip was divided between those who welcomed and thanked the teacher for her efforts and those who pointed out the danger posed by taking such a step, while others went to comment on the performance of the Saudi Electricity Company.


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