Video | Iron and cement prices today, Wednesday 10/14/2020


Today, Wednesday, October 14, 2020, steel prices witnessed remarkable stability during transactions in the local market, while cement prices varied.

To learn more, watch the following video:

Iron prices today:

Ezz Steel 9900 pounds per ton.
Tea 9900 pounds.
Iron porter 9900 pounds.
The boatman 9650 pounds.
Egyptian iron 9650 pounds.
Iron decimal 9,600 pounds.
Army iron 9,600 pounds.
Iron Egypt Steel 9600 pounds.

Cement Prices:

Victory cement 665 pounds.
Assiut cement “Al-Fahd” 665 pounds.
Lafarge for “specialty” cement 685 pounds.
Aswan cement 670 pounds.
Sinai Cement 670 pounds.
Suez cement 695 pounds.
Helwan Cement recorded 705 pounds.
Egypt cement Beni Suef 743 pounds.


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