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The iPhone 12 failed a drop test that was conducted a few days after the phone was announced at an Apple conference.

IPhone 12 failed the drop test

Today, Tuesday, a number of technology experts conducted a drop test for the new iPhone 12 from Apple, and although specialists said that the iPhone 12 screens are much better in tolerance than the previous versions, “iPhone 11”, but there are some damages that the technologists described as un Visible.

During the iPhone 12 drop test, the screen surface was able to fall at a height of 6 feet on the sidewalk better, but it appeared after visible damage when the phone fell, although – according to experts – it was relatively safe, with small cracks and wounds at the edges, while in the drop test Free back, the phone was unaffected and the main glass back was virtually intact despite falling onto the dock.

As for the “iPhone 12 Pro”, which is slightly heavier; Suffered from a crack in the lower half, in free fall and wide angle cameras shattered.

Both the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro had unpleasant abrasions when they underwent a traction test on the ground.

IPhone 12 Pro prices

The American company Apple announced that the iPhone 12 series that was launched in the market on Friday, October 23, 2020, includes three other models as well: the standard iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro Max in addition to the iPhone 12 mini.

According to what was circulated on social media, the price of iPhone 12 Pro Max Max in Saudi Arabia is as follows:

Model Price in dollars Price in Saudi riyals

iPhone 12 pro 128GB 999 SAR 3,747

iPhone 12 pro 256GB $ 1,099 4,122 SAR

iPhone 12 pro 512GB $ 1,299 SAR 4,873

iPhone 12 pro max 128GB 1,099 SAR 4,122

iPhone 12 pro max 256GB 1,199 SAR 4,497

iPhone 12 pro max 512GB 1,399 SAR 5,248

iPhone 12 64GB 799 $ 2,997 SAR

iPhone 12 128GB 849 $ 3,184 SAR

iPhone 12 256GB 949 SAR 3,560

iPhone 12 mini 64GB 699 SAR 2,622

iPhone 12 mini 128GB 749 SAR 2,809

iPhone 12 mini 256GB 849 SAR 3,184

There are a lot of people who would like to know the iPhone 12 Pro specifications after knowing the price of the new iPhone in its aforementioned model, and here are some of the specifications of this smartphone:

SIM cards: The international version of the iPhone 12 contains a single SIM card slot, while the exported version to China is equipped with two lines, and all versions of the phone support the second, third and fourth generation networks, in addition to the fifth generation networks as well.

Phone dimensions: iPhone 12 Pro is 14.67 cm long, 7.15 cm wide and 0.74 cm thick.

Device structure: The front and back of the aforementioned phone are made of Gorilla Glass, a stainless steel frame, and it weighs 189 grams.

Screen characteristics: iPhone 12 Pro phones have a 6.1-inch screen, the resolution of this screen is 1170 pixels x 2532 pixels, and the pixel density is 460 pixels / inch, and the aforementioned screen covers 86% of the phone’s interface.

IPhone 12 Pro Max camera specifications

Main camera: All versions of iPhone 12 Pro are equipped with a main camera with a 12-megapixel triple lens, and this lens can capture 4K photos and videos.

Storage capacity: The storage capacity of some versions of the iPhone 12 Pro reaches 512 GB, while the storage capacity of some versions is only 128 GB, and the price of the iPhone 12 Pro in Saudi Arabia depends on the storage capacity.

Sensors: This phone is equipped with a fingerprint sensor, in addition to a proximity sensor, a pressure sensor, and a facial recognition sensor, and it contains GPS and a compass to determine location and directions.

IPhone 12 Pro Max battery

Battery: Apple has provided iPhone 12 Pro with a battery that can play the phone up to 17 hours when playing multimedia files in standby mode, and this battery can run the device up to 65 hours when playing audio files only.

IPhone 12 Pro Max features

There are many features that iPhone 12 Pro phones have, and among them are the following:

Performance: iPhone 12 pro includes an Apple A14 Bionic 6-core processor as well as a quad-core Apple GPU to provide the best performance when running different applications.

Photography: iPhone 12 Pro provides an enjoyable photography experience with the main camera with three lenses, and this lens can also shoot in 4K, and despite the high imaging quality, the resolution of this camera is low compared to some competing phones.

Water and Dust Resistance: iPhone 12 pro can resist 6 meters of water for half an hour, and it’s also an IP68 dust-proof phone.

Operating system: The aforementioned phone runs on the IOS 14 operating system, which is the latest operating system from Apple to this day, and this system provides many advanced security features in addition to providing many tools that help users in many of their daily jobs such as OK.

IPhone 12 Pro Max colors

IPhone 12 Pro phones are available in four different colors: silver, gold, and graphite, in addition to the distinctive blue color, and iPhone 12 pro max phones are also available in the same colors mentioned as well, and iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 mini are available in black, white, red, green and blue without other colors.

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