Video | Flox: It is an indescribable feeling to wear military clothes in the “corridor”


The artist revealed Ahmed Flux On the scenes that accompanied the filming of a movie “the passageAnd it contributed greatly to the overwhelming success of this work, including director Sherif Arafa’s instructions that the film’s heroes should participate in training exercises with the soldiers, indicating that wearing military clothes has a special feeling that cannot be described.

Meanwhile, the actress, Madeleine Tabar, confirmed through her program “Sweet Oh Donia” presented on the “Ten” channel that she was very impressed with the performance of “Flux” in the film, and even cried more than once while watching the work.

And “Ahmed Flux“In a telephone interview with the program, such actions contribute greatly to introducing the new generations to the size of the heroics that the Egyptian soldier has made for his country.

The duo “Madeleine and Flux” also offered condolences on the passing of the great artist Mahmoud Yassin, and Madeleine commented, saying: “She feels that the bullet has moved from the hand of the late Mahmoud Yassin to go to Flux, indicating that art is about handing over one generation to another.”

And about his new business, he said Ahmed Flux He recently signed a contract to star in a new movie, in addition to entering the world of production through the series “Noah’s Ark” written by Hossam Moussa and directed by Hussam El Gohary.


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