Video .. Ahmed Zahir: My wife divorced during my illness .. I was afraid for her and my daughters


Relationships and society

Artist Ahmed Zahir said during his meeting with artist Isaad Younes during the “Her Excellency” program, that he suffered a bad psychological state during his illness, and that his weight increased to severe depression.

Hoda Farouk, wife of Ahmed Zaher, said, during Ahmed’s exposure to a rare disease that affects one in ten million, which led to a significant increase in his weight, which made him enter a state of severe depression, and I was at the time 21 years old, and at this stage he was with us Laila and Malak, and he tried Ahmed to separate from me, and in fact he divorced me and I stayed with him in the same apartment for three days and tried to make me go out and away from him in any way, but on the third day I did not feel myself except while I was in the hospital and he was beside me asking me to forgive him.

Zaher said, “Indeed, I tried to divorce her because I was afraid of her and the girls, so I thought that this was the end, but she helped me a lot, and she brought me the doctors to the house and the medicines, and she stood next to me.

The artist Issad Younes, through her Facebook account, published photos from the scenes of the episode “Her Excellency”, with the family of artist Ahmed Zahir, and the photos behind the scenes showed an atmosphere of lightness and misery inside the studio.

And commented, saying: “A different evening with the family of Ahmed Zaher on the dmc channel.”

Artist Ahmed Zahir expressed his happiness with the reactions about his new movie, “Dungeon 7”, which was released in the cinema. “Zaher” commented on his account on the social networking site “Facebook”, saying: “Praise be to God, a beautiful day with the great audience. We attended the film. To God, the reactions are very sweet … Cell 7 in all the cinemas in Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the Emirates. ”Zaher commented on his Facebook account, saying:“ Praise be to God, a beautiful day with the great audience. We attended the film, thank God and thank God responses The action is very sweet .. Dungeon 7 in all the cinemas in Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the Emirates. ”The film takes place in a framework of action and excitement, and a number of new faces participate in it: Ayman Kishk, Ashraf Abdel Aziz, and Mona Mounir. The movie “Dungeon 7”, starring: Nidal Al Shafei, Ahmed Zaher, Maya Nasra, Abeer Sabry, Ihab Fahmy, Menna Fadali, Medhat Tikha and Ahmed El-Tohami, written by Hossam Moussa, produced by Ayman Youssef, and directed by Ibram Nashat.


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