Video … after a bloody night the US National Guard is deployed in Philadelphia


Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolfe summoned the US National Guard to Philadelphia after a second night of violent demonstrations over police shooting a black man.Violent confrontations between police and hundreds of angry protesters took place hours after two policemen shot and killed a black man.

Lieutenant Colonel Keith Hiccus said in a statement, Tuesday, that several hundred National Guard personnel would assist local agencies in “protecting life and property and the right to assembly and peaceful protest.”

City leaders confirmed that the Philadelphia Police Department would beef up its presence across the city in anticipation of further disruptions due to the death of Walter Wallace Jr., 27.Reports indicated that Wallace was suffering from mental problems, and two officers shot him in response to a call about a person carrying a weapon.

Police said that he was armed with a knife and refused to drop it on the ground.

The shooting sparked great outrage among the residents, and hundreds of people poured into the streets in protest.

The gatherings turned violent, and about 30 officers were wounded, including an officer who was deliberately run over by a pickup truck.

At least 8 police cars were torched.

In a joint statement, presidential candidate Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris denounced Wallace’s death and the turmoil that followed.


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