Video | A lawsuit to guard Ahmed Zaki’s property .. What is the story?


The family of the late artist Ahmed Zaki demanded that his property be guarded, after part of it was wasted, following the death of his only son, Haitham, who passed away last year, triggering a formal lawsuit.

The decision of Ahmed Zaki’s family comes despite the confirmation of the head of the acting professions, Ashraf Zaki, to establish a special museum to include these collections, as Mona Attia, the sister of the late artist, said that she asked Ashraf Zaki to acquire these properties so that they could be in his family’s possession, but he refused and decided to put them in A private museum, days and months passed, and his family was surprised by the waste of these possessions, which is not worthy of a large artistic residence like Ahmed Zaki.

Ahmed Zaki’s sister confirmed that her family does not covet the inheritance or wealth of the deceased, but all they care about is his archive and his artistic properties, which testify to the history of a great artist in Egypt and the Arab world, explaining that she presented videos to the court that prove the waste of Ahmed Zaki’s possessions. Tampering with them, and losing some of them.

Ahmed Zaki’s sister revealed that she entered the intensive care room after watching Ahmed Zaki’s history, covered with dust, and some of his films’ tapes were destroyed, calling on the Minister of Culture, Dr. Inas Abdel-Dayem, to look into the matter and help her in preserving Ahmed Zaki’s collections, and to take into account his artistic career and the purposeful works he presented to the cinema And for Egyptian society.

For his part, Mohamed Hassan, the lawyer for Ahmed Zaki’s sister, revealed that the North Giza Urgent Court had ruled to impose judicial receivership on the legacy of the late artist, and to appoint a court guard to receive and manage it.

He said during a telephone interview with the “ninth” program, that the siblings of the artist Ahmed Zaki filed an urgent lawsuit and obtained the judgment, which was issued based on the presence of a risk in the event that the property remains under Rami Ezz El-Din’s hand.

The artist Haitham Ahmed Zaki passed away in November 2019, at the age of 35, after a short artistic career in which he presented 8 cinematic films and 7 series, and “Al Kanz 2” was his last work of art.

Haitham suffered from health problems before his death, represented by stomach ache and cramps that he suffered as a result of taking drugs and muscle tonics, especially since on this day he was returning from the “gym”, exhausted due to exercises, and overdose on drugs that caused his fatigue, and the compound security personnel took him to the nearest A pharmacy, and the pharmacist gave him two injections of pain reliever.

After examining the surveillance cameras in the compound, it was found that Haitham Zaki came from his house with the security personnel and took him to the pharmacy, then brought him back again.

Then the Giza Security Directorate received a notification from the October Sector Investigations, of a report from the fiancée of the artist Haitham Ahmed Zaki that she tried to contact him more than once and he did not respond to her calls, and immediately, a security force moved and opened the door to the apartment of the artist Haitham Ahmed Zaki after the permission of the prosecution, and it was revealed his death .


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