Victory for the Asiatic: Bad Will Evidence


Riyadh – Bandar Al-Otaibi

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Special sources revealed to Al Riyadiah that the management of Al-Nasr club based its protest, which it raised yesterday, to the Asian Football Confederation, against the Iranian club Persepolis, on several matters, foremost of which the Iranian club’s management received a complaint from the Croatian Branko Ivankovic, the coach, Across the Confederation before they obtained the Asian license that allows them to participate in the Champions League.
The management of the capital club delivered the continental club yesterday a detailed protest note supported by documents confirming the ineligibility of the participation of Hamed Lak, Arman Ramadani, Issa Al-Katheer, Ihsan Bahlvan, Saeed Aghaei, Milad Sarlak and Ali Shojaei, the Iranian Persepolis players, in the AFC Champions League.
The sources indicated that the Saudi Football Association, led by Yasser Al-Mashal, supports the protest of the Al-Nasr club, the Saudi representative in the AFC Champions League, against the Iranian Persepolis team, as Ibrahim Al-Qassem, the Secretary-General of the Federation, directed to stand with Al-Nasr in his protest, follow all the details and meet all requirements.
The same sources added that Al-Asfar Al-Asmi also based his protest against the Iranian club receiving a warning letter from FIFA on August 12, calling on them to pay Branco’s dues within 30 days. The same sources indicated that the Iranian club’s insistence and desire not to pay by registering the new players en masse after receiving the warning from FIFA, is among the non-sporting intentions, which may strengthen Al-Asfar Al-Asami’s position in his protest.
The Iranian Football Association stated in a statement on its official website that the registration of players was according to the time period available to the Iranian team, which was until the date of September 12, in the time limit that FIFA granted to the Iranian club for a period of thirty days, after which this penalty was entered Into effect.


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