Urgent: Students and teachers could not access the “Madrasati” platform today


It was not possible for male and female students and all teachers to enter the Madrasati platform today, Monday, October 26, 2020, corresponding to Rabi` al-Awwal 9, 1442 AH, and some of them found it difficult to access the platform in order to attend classes and also about transferring lessons to students through TIMES.

Some pictures of students and teachers not being able to access the My School platform:

While some of the tweeters circulated some pictures in order for the platform to stumble, which in turn would have sent a message to its beneficiaries inviting them to follow their lessons through Microsoft Teams, and that was because the platform had failed, offering its apology for the emergency defect.

It is worth noting that the Madrasati platform witnessed, last week, high efficiency in performance, which did not fail during this week, while the tweeters appealed to quickly find a solution for the disruption of the Madrasati platform.

And this is done by sending notifications to parents and students to enter via Microsoft Times in order to complete their school day.


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