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Upload the pdf file on the link, today, Thursday, 29 October 2020, 5:01 pm

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1 Upload a PDF to a link
1.1 digital technology
1.2 pdf files
1.3 How to reduce the size of pdf files
1.4 How to upload a pdf file through a website hosting
2 How to upload a pdf file to a link from My Drive
2.1 Upload a pdf file through Google
2.2 Mechanism for uploading large files to the Internet
2.3 How to convert from pdf to word
Upload your pdf to a link
Many people want to know how to upload a pdf file to a link, where a specific method is used in the conversion to upload a pdf file to a link, and the official tool for reading pdf files is Adobe Reader, and it is free.
Digital technology
Before getting to the method of uploading a pdf file to a link, one must learn about digital technology, as the development of the contemporary life form for many people is due to digital technology and it has a tremendous credit for this development.
Digital technology works to obtain information easily and connects the world with ease, such as: animated videos and compressed files, and it is an amazing way to understand a lot of various sciences through explanatory means.
There are many ways to control videos and different files, and this provides the user with the exchange of data through many electronic platforms such as social media sites, and this technology has affected the development of health and industry.
Pdf files
PDF files are a file format commonly used for distributing read-only documents, and they can be beautifully used on online reading and writing platforms.
PDF files were created by the Adobe Foundation in the nineties in order to achieve two goals, the first is that people can open documents on any device through operating systems without using an application until they are created.
The second goal is that when using pdf files, the layout of the document must remain the same, and it is possible that the pdf files may include text, embedded fonts, images, and videos.
Since pdf files are considered a standard format, there are many applications that can open pdf files such as: web browsers, Adobe Reader, word processing applications.
How to reduce the size of pdf files
Before learning how to upload a pdf file to a link, it should be understood that many users prefer to deal with pdf files, while others prefer the Word file format.
Some users try to find ways to make it easier to take advantage of all available file formats by learning ways to convert from jpg to pdf and vice versa and other different conversion formats and reduce and enlarge the size of the files that are used.
In order to be able to reduce the size of pdf files, you must follow the steps shown on the citizen website, which are:
* At first, the user opens a popular file format conversion platform.
* It is possible for the user to install the extension for this platform in the web browser if he wants to.
* The user selects the location of the pdf file he wishes to photograph and then clicks on the pdf file.
* User drags the pdf to the pdf drop icon on the screen.
* The user downloads the file until it is minimized, then scrolls to the bottom and presses the download of the file on the screen from the left.
* The user selects the location in which he wants to save the file, then chooses to save, and here the file is saved in a small size on the computer in the location that the user specified.
How to upload a pdf file through a website hosting
* Locate the file manager section in the user’s hosting service.
* You choose the folder that you want to upload on the Internet, then you click on Download, and download the user’s pdf file from the hard drive of your device, then you press OK or Download in order to start the download process.
* You register the file link, take advantage of it, and refer to the pdf file in emails, blogs, or webpages, and in general the link corresponds to the file’s location.
How to upload a pdf file to a link from My Drive
* You first open Google Drive, then log into your Google account when requested.
* You click on the My Drive icon at the top of the Google Drive home screen.
* You select the files or download the folder from the drop-down list in front of you.
* You specify the required files when viewing the file location, then press the Open icon.
* When the file upload process is completed correctly, a confirmation prompt will appear in the lower left corner of the browser screen.
Upload the pdf file through Google
* You go to the main Google page, and you register for a Google Docs account.
* You select the Download icon located in the upper left corner of the Google Docs web bug, until you go to the file download page.
* You click on Select the files you want to download, then you select the pdf file that you want to upload on the Internet.
* Click on the right mouse button to click the link with the file name after the file download process is finished, then choose to copy the link location.
* You record the link address that is used in other internet documents when sharing the user’s pdf file.
Mechanism for uploading large files to the Internet
* Files are uploaded through the Internet due to the existence of a protocol called FTP, which is the file transfer protocol and exchanged over the Internet between computers or networks.
* All required information is sent to the web in the form of small pieces or packets, and when the packages reach their intended destination they are reconfigured again.
How to convert from pdf to word
PDF files are great for sending forms, but in some cases the user wants to make some changes without returning to the document, by converting the files into various formats.
In order to convert pdf to Word, the following steps must be followed:
* One of the best ways to ensure that a user’s conversion format is incredibly accurate is the use of Arcobat.
* The pdf file must first open in Adobe Arcobat, then you search for the pdf file and click on it.
* Then click on Microsoft Word, where it is the one that provides the user with options for formatting.
* You need to go to settings to be able to set additional options such as: ability to keep pdf.
* The user selects the excellent settings and formats, then presses the “Release” button, and here Adobe directly launches the text recognition.
* This is done for any text that is allowed to be scanned through this step.
* You are choosing the name of the new word file and saving it on the device as well.
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