Update “PUBG MOBILE” game for “Halloween”


Until November 9th, players of the popular game PUBG MOBILE will be able to enjoy the Halloween experience, when they play the Erangel map battles. PUBG MOBILE improved the atmosphere of fear and suspense just in time for the Halloween celebration by launching the new Halloweeks mode within the classic Erangel map.

In addition to the game’s great content, the new “POWER4” rock and roll band, the first in the game, will be released and its special clothing. Players will also be able to experience an exclusive ceremonial gaming experience at Cheer Park’s training ground, in the latest Halloweeks content in PUBG MOBILE.

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After the popular “team versus team” mode of play known as “Infection Mode” for the occasion of “Halloween” returns, players will be able to enjoy the experience of “Halloween” until Monday 9 November, when they play the battles of Erangel Map. Players will have the opportunity to enter Halloweeks mode, when they play matches in Erangel. In this mode, zombie camps will appear in four fixed locations distributed around the battlefield that will contain roaming zombies and crates of valuable tools. After the zombies are eliminated from the camp, valuable funds will be opened to give teams valuable and useful resources. Likewise, four new bosses will also appear in the zombie camps, and they will hunt down nearby players and increase their energy by hitting players within the combat range and throwing stones at the far away players. When defeating Roaming Bosses, players will be able to earn useful and basic battle supplies.
Halloweeks’ content update will also introduce virtual rock band POWER4 in PUBG MOBILE. The four powerful band members will release their first single, Nothing’s Getting In Our Way, during the game. The song’s lyrics express the pursuit of self-improvement, a courageous spirit that does not fear challenges, and the importance of teamwork. Players can also obtain POWER4 clothing that matches PUBG Mobile’s action-packed battle style. More exclusive Halloweeks outfits will also be available in the game.
For added suspense, players can also visit Cheer Park training spots to challenge hordes of monsters and improve their bootcamp player rating.

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The PUBG Mobile game is available for free download on the App Store and Google Play.


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