UNRWA: To refrain from publishing any inaccurate figures on Corona injuries among refugees


UNRWA stated, in a statement, that “there are some inaccurate numbers about Coronavirus infections among Palestinian refugees inside and outside the camps in Lebanon that have been reported recently, and these numbers cause confusion and concern.”

She added: “The numbers published by UNRWA are based on the latest statistics and the results of the examinations that are carried out in full and close coordination with the Ministry of Public Health in Lebanon, and accordingly, please draw information from its sources and refrain from publishing any false and inaccurate numbers to avoid any confusion.”

And it announced that “the latest statistics related to the Palestinian refugee community inside and outside the camps up to the current date of 8 are as follows:

The total number of coronavirus infections since February 2020: 1,369

Total number of those recovering: 899

Total number of deaths: 38

Total currently active cases: 432

The agency expressed its willingness to answer any inquiries regarding these statistics via the following email:

[email protected] ; [email protected]


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