UEFA Champions League news Solshire reassures Manchester United fans: Van de Beek will become an important player


Leipzig is a tough opponent too.

Believe in Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, Technical Director For Manchester United, That Donnie Van de Beek will play an important role in the maneuver in the coming period, reassuring the fans that there are no disagreements or resentment from him for not participating much so far.

Van de Beek was among the summer deals held by Almanio in the elapsed Mercato, where the English club included him for 40 million euros coming from Ajax, but he has not yet had the opportunity to play mainly or continuously in general.

Solskjaer’s remarks about the case came at the match press conference Leipzig In the second round of the group stage for a championship Champions League, During which he also stressed the difficulty of the task against the very promising German club.

“When players come to a new team in a new league, they always need time to adapt and adapt,” the Norwegian coach said in his comments about Van de Beek.

“Donnie is going to play a big role this year, I know that at the moment the topic is Van de Beek. When he played with us, he played really well, we have a depth of quality in our list, so we don’t have to use it in every game.”

He also added, “You see Doni every day he enters training with a big smile. I am sure that he will become a big figure in the team. Do not panic with his current situation, let him settle into the new league, the new home and the season quietly.”

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As for Leipzig, he said, “They are improving every season, they are in good shape and are going to the stage of winning the championships. They have a great young coach and it is interesting to see him, it is generally interesting to follow them at the moment.”

He continued, “Of course we have followed Leipzig in recent years, especially in Europe. I know that Julian (Nagelsmann) is very adaptable, but his style always plays with pressure and high pace, and they can play in different ways, but our focus is on making problems for them.”

“We view every match as an opportunity to get the three points, and in the group stage where you have four teams, you might think 10 points are enough to qualify. Our goal is to reach 18 points as quickly as possible,” he said.

It is worth noting that Manchester United He currently shares the group lead with Leipzig After he managed to win the first round on Paris Saint-Germain With two goals to one in the Princes’ Garden Stadium, while the German club defeated Basaksehir with two clean goals.


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