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Open Media-Washington:

The Twitter hack carried out by a teenager from Florida last July came to the fore again after a report released on Wednesday stated that the blue site suffered from a deficit in cybersecurity, which led to a “simple” hack in which the young man seized Many of the most famous personalities in the world.

In the report, the report issued by the Financial Services Department in New York recommended that major social media companies should be treated with special treatment, such as some banks after the 2008 financial crisis, with a dedicated regulatory body monitoring their ability to combat cyber attacks and interfere in elections.

“The vulnerability of Twitter to an underdeveloped attack shows that self-regulation is not the solution,” said Linda Laswell, the financial services supervisor.

Although Twitter did not comment on the report, it had acknowledged that some employees had been duped, and had shared the account credentials prior to the hack.

For his part, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo ordered an investigation following the hacking of celebrity accounts on Twitter on July 15, in an alleged fraud in which more than $ 118,000 in Bitcoin cryptocurrency was stolen.

Among those whose accounts have been hacked: the current US presidential candidate, Joe Biden, former US President Barack Obama, the three billionaires: Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, Elon Musk, singer Kanye West, and his wife, reality TV star Kim Kardashian.

Lasewell also said: The hackers obtained login credentials after contacting several employees, pretending to work for Twitter’s IT department, and claiming that they were addressing issues with the company’s virtual network, which became necessary as employees worked from home.

“The exceptional access that hackers have obtained with this simple technology confirms the cybersecurity vulnerability in Twitter and the potential for dire consequences,” the report said.

It also stated that Twitter’s lack of a chief information security officer at the time made the company more vulnerable.

In addition, Florida prosecutors said: The accused Graham Evan Clark was the mastermind behind the penetration, and accused the 17-year-old of being an adult who committed 30 felonies.

Clark himself denied the accusation, and federal prosecutors accused two others of aiding the hack.

In July, the accounts of dozens of personalities on Twitter, including Bill Gates, Elon Musk and Barack Obama, were hacked.

The hackers sent fraudulent messages from those accounts calling on followers to send virtual “Bitcoin” coins and get in return double the amount.

The social platform stated at the time that the hackers targeted 130 accounts and succeeded in penetrating 45 of them as a result of “using tools available only to internal support teams” in the company.



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